5 Best wireless earbuds(2021): perfect alternative for AirPods

Check out our comprehensive review on best 5 wireless earbuds, a perfect alternatives for AirPods.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

The German audio brand has followed up its popular first-gen Momentum True Wireless with a new pair of TWs which are equally stylish. The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 improves on several aspects of their predecessors such as battery life and size.

The new buds look pretty similar to the earlier one., shiny metallic touch-sensitive, with a Sennheiser logo on a round body. This makes it look really sleek and classy. This includes an improved IPX4 splash resistant rating, meaning no rain or sweat will ever damage them.  

You can enjoy deep bass, detailed treble and clear voice with the Sennheiser Momentum TW’s Unrivalled Stereo Sound. Its active noise cancellation feature also disconnects you from the world and make you focus on your activity.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is crafted with 28 hours of battery life through it charging case and 7 hours on a single charge. This best suited for people who spend long duration on call, or with lengthy playlists.  


The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 is proving their tag line which is “Earbuds that put sound first” with their excellent sound quality. Its sleek design and amazing battery life are an easy recommendation for those looking for a premium product. They are amongst the best true wireless earbuds currently available.

For Against
Support for high resolution audioQuite heavy
Premium design & outstanding fitRelatively expensive
Active noise cancellation quality 
Custom EQ and controls 

Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony always want to be on the top with the tech related to sound. Though, they have not left any opportunity to be on the list of best wireless earbuds for 2021. Sony WF-1000XM3 is and industry-leading Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds with Alexa Voice control.

Designed comfortably for the ears and stunning looks with 8.5 grams each weigh is identification for Sony WF-1000XM3. Its QN1e processor and classy design makes it true wireless earbuds available in India.

There is reason which makes it Industry-leading noise cancelling wireless earbuds. With this technology you can hear each and every word, note, and tune with outstanding clarity not mattering whichever environment you are in. There is additional microphone attached for isolating sound while you are on phone.

Battery life up to 6 hrs on a single charge and charging case which supplies another full charge three time which gives 24 hours of battery life in total. Also, in case of low battery, quickly charge for 10 mins and have 90 mins of playback time.

Sony Wf-1000XM3 also comes with touch control panel. Tap and swipe the panels with your fingertips to control your activities. The artificial intelligence learns and suggests places where user often goes to such as home, work, station and gym.


The Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless earphones are the new earbuds with lots of features such as, touch control, battery life and loads of other smart features. Sony WF-1000XM3 come with very few issues. This is a strong recommendation if you looking for wireless earbuds with some good budget.

For Against
Comfortable fitBulky charging case
Battery life up to 24 hoursNo LDAC support
Industry-leading noise cancellation 
Alexa built-in 

Jabra Elite 85t

Bringing sound to the world for 150 years Jabra is a global brand with a serious passion for sound. Jabra Elite 85t is engineered for all types of music and calls with fully adjustable advanced Active Noise cancellation.

Jabra Elite 85t is designed by using latest miniaturization techniques to cram all amazing technology into its compact new design after scanning thousands of ears. The pressure relief vents in buds are semi-open prevent pressure build-up inside the ear make it comfortable fit for the ears.

Elite 85t has 12 mm speaker delivering clear audio with strong bass. Its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) cancels all the noise which you do not want to hear. It also works with Google assistant and Siri. Elite’s customizable equalizer and AAC and SBC codecs for rich and detailed sound.

Long lasting battery life of up to 5.5 hours with ANC on, and up to total of 25 hours of battery with compact charging case. With ANC off battery life is up to 31 hours with its charging case.


The Elite 85t deliver impressive performance thanks to some great audio quality, active noise cancellation and decent battery life. After scanning thousands of ears, they are compatible for perfect fit.

For Against
Adjustable ANCBulkier than 75t
Battery life up to 25 hours 
 Elegant design 
Works with Google assistant & Siri 

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro is powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip. Build for athletes these wireless earphones have no reason to hold you back. With a reinforced design for sweat and water resistance, it will take your workout to next level.

Each earbud connects independently to your device for better connectivity and calls. Connect automatically to your Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, just open the case of earbuds and hold it near to your iPhone.

Powerbeats Pro has a center playback control button where the Beats logo is, plus a volume control.

Each earbud has 9 hours of listening time. With the charging case you will get 24 hours of combined playback. If running battery low still, quick charge for 5 mins will give playback time of 1.5 hours.


Buy these earbuds if you’re an Apple-loving gym-goer who can appreciate better-sounding music and features like hands-free Hey Siri. The true Apple-owned wireless Powerbeats Pro is a big step up for the headphone brand. They have their few limitations such as., lack of noise-cancellation, limited noise isolation, but still, they are Apple’s most premium workout buds.

For Against
Easy pairing with IOSLack of noise-cancellation
Amazing sound qualityCase is fairly bulky
Sweat & water resistance 
Independent connectivity of earbuds 

Bose QuietComfort

At Bose they believed that the power of lifelike audio has the ability to make an incredible difference on people’s lives. Their goal to create products and experience that customers can’t get anywhere else. Though, Bose QuietComfort resulting a compelling listening experience for your music, calls, videos or podcasts.

Designed with breakthrough acoustic innovations and Bose Acoustic Noise cancelling technology. These IPX4-rated wireless earbuds are sweat and water resistant, pump out great sounding experience. Left earbud has a simple tap or press of finger from which you can control your music, calls and many more.

The sound is automatically recalibrated, so it stays consistently balanced every time you change the volume. Its 11 level of noise cancellation technology eliminates distractions. You can control on outside noise according to your need. With special microphone system you can attend calls loud and clear.

Battery life of up to 6 hours on a single charge. The wireless charging case which is compatible with any Qi-certified charging mat offers up to 12 hours more of battery life. In case of low battery, a 15 minutes charge will give you up to two hours of battery life.

Bose music app control of your QuietComfort Earbuds for customization of your noise cancellation favourites. Simple touch controls on both earbuds.


The Bose QuietComfort are bounds better than the older versions. These are well balanced and comfortable to wear. Design is a lot better and the noise cancellation technology used in it is exemplary.

For Against
Clear & rich sound experienceLacks on-board volume control
Comfortable fitCharging case is bulky
Customize noise cancellation 
Wireless charging 

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