A guide to buying the best TWS under Rs 2000

Do you love music, and you’re seeking the best low-cost earphones? So, here you’ll find what you’ve been looking for. In this article, the best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022 from top companies are revealed so that you can get them and enjoy your music uninterrupted.  

These wireless earphones (or TWS, the abbreviated form of true wireless earbuds), which we’ve listed below, will meet all of your audio needs. So, let’s take a close look at some of the best TWS in 2022.

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Things to see before buying a TWS:

Since there are no cables or wires, TWS earbuds are significantly more convenient to use than standard wireless earphones. Any brand will perform the same and have the same features, like a battery, regardless of what it is called. As a result, many consumers are perplexed when finding an earphone that meets all of their needs. So, here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing the best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022.

Audio Quality:

An earphone’s primary and most important role is to produce sound. No matter how fashionable and cool the earbud is, if it doesn’t sound straightforward, it doesn’t matter. So, before you buy the best battery backup TWS under 2000, make sure you test its sound quality. Listen to various genres, including jazz, rock, and instrumental music. Make sure you can hear the other person clearly and that they can hear you. It’s time to decide if the earphone is right for you at this point.


Make sure that the best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022 you intend to buy are compatible with devices that can withstand being submerged in water. They’re a touch more pricey, but they’re well worth the extra money. Wearing the best TWS in 2022 while working out or running is a common practice for many athletes. Choosing sweat-proof earbuds is a good compromise if water-resistant earphones are out of your price range for now.

Battery Life:

One of the most important characteristics to consider before purchasing the best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022 is the battery life. Everyone hates having to recharge their earphones constantly.

Cleaning the Earwax:

Earphones with non-removable tips are difficult to clean, and everyone should think about doing so at some point. If earwax accumulates on the driver’s end, the sound will suffer. Without removal, drivers may be prevented from operating. Make sure you can reach the ends to clean them.

Wireless technology (Bluetooth) that connects two devices:

Bluetooth earphones come with two separate versions of Bluetooth, which most people are unaware of. It is now at version 5.0, with version 4.2 being the previous most recent release. Compared to older Bluetooth earphones, the newer models may be more expensive, but they offer faster transmission speeds. You can also use it to connect to devices that are further away.


Control buttons have been added to the earbuds of premium and the best TWS in 2022, allowing you to adjust the volume and playback speed. For example, on some earphones, you can tap to boost volume, skip tracks, or answer phone calls by tapping on the buttons on the earbuds.

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Here are the top budget TWS in 2022:

The stylish Realme Buds Q2:

When we review the best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022, it’s impossible to exclude the Realme Buds Q2. These buds are pretty lightweight (9 grams with 4.5 grams weight for each earbud), which is why they are pretty convenient to carry. Other than that, these earbuds also have a good built quality if you consider the budget. Moreover, you can get these earbuds in two colors, Grey and Black. Besides, it’s so comfortable that you can carry it in your ears for 3 to 4 hours, and you won’t feel any discomfort. Compared to other apps, the Realme Link App, explicitly created for the TWS earphones, delivers the finest user experience for Android and iOS. Also, the sound quality is pretty decent, and these buds offer an overall good performance in this rice.


Decent sound quality

Realme Link App

Battery life is good and charges fast

Customizable controls


The soundstage isn’t huge. 

Reliable brand Oppo Enco W11:

TWS earphones like the Oppo Enco W11 are hard to come by as far as budget earbuds are concerned. However, these are some of the best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022 with in-ear design and touch gesture control are available. Play, stop, skip music, and calls can all be done with the touch controls, as can volume and the voice assistant. In addition to providing enhanced bass, these gaming earbuds are among the best battery backup TWS under 2000. In addition, the AAC audio format can be used with this best TWS in 2022. With an IP55 rating, the Buds are also resistant to dust and water.


Good overall built quality

Decent sound

Mic quality is decent



No high bass

No app support

The pTron Bassbuds Pro- guarantee of quality sound:

This is one of the best low-cost earbuds available. The 10mm dynamic driver in these truly best battery backup TWS under 2000 produces a robust bass sound. Using the earbuds, you can choose between stereo and mono modes. These are among the finest Android earbuds because of their long battery life (up to four hours of music playback and three and a half hours of talk time).


One of the best budget earbuds

Durable product

Decent battery life

Deep audio


Not an excellent Bluetooth range

Philips TAUT 102BK Earbuds with a good bass:

There’s no compromise in sound clarity or bass punch with these budget wireless earphones. This best TWS in 2022 has a mono mode capability if you want to listen with only one ear. The Philips Earbuds have an in-line microphone with echo cancellation that’s integrated right in. The oval acoustic tube in this best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022 provides both comfort and passive noise isolation.


It lasts for 9 hours with a single charge

Noise-cancellation technology



Not sweat proof

Not an excellent sound quality during calls

Zebronics Sound Bomb-The name speaks for itself:

These are some of the best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022 for gaming and heavy music. They look a lot like Apple’s AirPods because of their in-ear designs. The Zebronics sound Bomb is the best battery backup TWS under 2000 that fits nicely in the ear canal. A matte plastic finish is applied to the top of the Zebronics Sound Bomb TWS Earbuds, composed of plastic and rectangular shape.


Small and light earbuds

Long battery life

Decent sound


Not very durable

The long lasting Mivi M40:

The Mivi DuoPods 40 are one of the best battery backup TWS under 2000, with a battery life of up to 24 hours on a single charge and three more charging cycles in the charging case. In addition, the DuoPods 40’s Bluetooth 5.0 technology and improved bass make it an excellent choice for music lovers.


Good quality bass

High-quality design

Comfortable and convenient


Audio quality during calls is not great


When you have a limited budget but want to buy quality earbuds, then these best TWS in 2022 will be the go-to options for you. We hope this review will help you in deciding to buy the best TWS under Rs. 2000 in 2022. Happy shopping!

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