Best Keyboards to buy in India 2022

We are right now undergoing a Digital Revolution. The internet has revolutionized our day-to-day lives, bringing in a sea change in our lives. Today we can do things that were almost impossible in the past. Everything can be done at the click of a button, from communication to working, banking, shopping, entertainment, or even socializing. So, you will agree that no matter what you are using a Personal Computer (PC), you will know how important the Keyboard is as an input device. And you will know that the PC plays an integral part in all. And a PC is now used for work. Apart from this, now that gaming has become very popular. So, you can also use a compatible Keyboard for gaming. And here we have come up with list Best Keyboards that you can definitely buy in 2022.

Why does it make sense to replace your cheap Keyboard?

So, if you’ve been using a cheap or subpar keyboard to interact with your PC, then it is time for an upgrade. An excellent quality input device will make typing more enjoyable and increase the reliability of what we do on our computers as well!

Whatever your PC’s function; you will agree that the Keyboard is vital in all processes. If you plan to buy a keyboard, you will know numerous choices available. Now especially with the internet and many eCommerce websites, choosing and purchasing the right Keyboard can be a challenge. What is even more confusing is that you have so many varieties like wireless and so on. Let us discuss in detail how to buy the right one for yourself.

How to buy the right one?                     

The types of computer keyboards are many. Here are some key considerations you need to look into while choosing the right one for your PC.

Work type

The first and foremost consideration while buying the Keyboard is for what purpose you will use the Keyboard. You need to realize that different keyboards are now available. Each of them is available for a specific purpose. So, depending on your use, the keyboard type will vary. For general work purposes, you need to go in for the prevalent computer keyboards.

On the other hand, if you are a serious gamer, you will require a keyboard specifically designed for gaming purposes. If you work on jobs that need you to type for more extended periods, you should ideally select an ergonomic keyboard. Whereas if you work a lot with numbers, best that you go in for the numeric Keyboard.


Depending on your liking you need to decide on what you will buy. While buying Keyboards, you need to check on the keystrokes. Some are more sensitive and operate merely with a feather touch. In all likelihood, you will not want the keyboards that feel like a typewriter. Thus, you must use it before buying and find out how it feels.


Another critical requirement for the keyboards is the compatibility aspect. You need to note that most keyboards connect to a computer that feels through the USB Ports. On the other hand, there are some which are wireless. Wireless keyboards generally connect to the computer utilizing Bluetooth. But connectivity may sometimes be a tricky issue. So, it would help if you decided on this aspect as well. It will chiefly depend on your preferences. If you are more tech-savvy, you can go for the wireless ones as well.

Should you go for the wired ones or the wireless keyboards?

One critical factor in selecting the wired or wireless ones is choosing keyboards. Each of them has its pros and cons. To a certain extent, if you want clutter-free keyboards, then wired keyboards are preferable. On the other hand, if you are into gaming, the wireless keyboards may not be very suitable. The reason is that there can be a connection issue.

Now that we have discussed considerations when buying keyboards let us look at some of the more popular ones nowadays.

Popular Keyboard Types which you can consider:

Razer Huntsman v2 Analog

Photo by Razer

If you are looking for the leading Keyboard, then this is the one that combines both the latest optimal technology along Razer’s Mechanical Key. The nice thing about it is that.

  • It is fully customizable.
  • The Keyboard has some nice tactile vital clicks.
  • However, one drawback is that the built-in twin cable is not too flexible.
Photo by Razer

Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard

Though this Keyboard is not very attractive to look at, neither is it very compact. But it has its advantages which are

  • It has a USB Wireless Receiver
  • The Keyboard is very simple to set up
  • It also offers excellent keys, which makes using it very pleasurable.
  • But the drawback is that it is not very attractive to look at and is reminiscent of the typical 90s look.

Razer Pro Type

If you are looking for performance, then this Keyboard delivers the same. It offers impressive beauty along with performance and comfort. It is also incredibly silent.

Pros for buying it

  • The keys of the Keyboard are very quiet
  • You can connect to four wireless devices.
  • One drawback, though that wireless connectivity is not always entirely reliable.

Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

It is another top-rated keyboard and for good reasons too. The interface is wired. But it does not have any backlighting. But the good things which these keyboards are the following:

  • Front Key Prints have various advantages
  • It offers superb comfort if you want to type over long periods.
  • But one drawback is that it has nonbacklit keys meant for novices.


We hope that you have a clear understanding of how to go about buying the Best Keyboard for yourself by now. Much of this depends on your purpose of purchasing the same.

We have also mentioned the more popular ones. If you are looking for keyboards in general that are not for any specific purpose, like gaming, you can pick up any of the ones mentioned in our above list. Once you have identified your needs from the keyboard, it will be easier to choose. So, you need to proceed accordingly.

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