Best Smartwatches in India under RS 5,000 | 2021

Looking for the modern Smartwatch to have a lot of benefits? Can you find the best one but can’t afford its high price? Can you afford the price, but the watch doesn’t have the specific features that are your preference? Don’t worry because we’re going to show you the list of best Indian smartwatches with superb features available in India under 5000 rupees. You can choose the one according to your demands and preferences.

If you’re looking for a trending wearable that will assist you well in tracking your goals, then there’s not any other best option than smartwatches. You can’t imagine that smartwatches even track your steps, blood oxygen level, sleep quality, and heart rate. It leads you to the way to be always updated about your health metrics. Smartwatches come at different prices in India, depending upon their design and benefits. Most Smartwatches are the best fitness tracker, except for the bigger display. However, you can easily manage and view your tracking levels with the bigger display.

1. Amazfit Bip U Smart Watches

The thinnest watch to get with all the exciting features is Amazfit Bip U Smart Watches. Let’s have a look at its superb features to get satisfaction before buying.

  • Elegantly designed and comfortable, even if you wear it for the whole day.
  • Features a color display of 1.43-inch.
  • The 5 ATm water resistance helps you if you wanna go underwater, especially during swimming.
  • The sleep quality measurement helps you in actual sleep time to make your sleep quality good.
  • Heart tracking for monitoring your heart rate.
  • The nine-day battery life, blood oxygen level measurement, stress monitoring, and breathing exercise are some other features that make it a perfect watch to wear.

2. Realme Watch S

It’s considered one of the best smartwatches, India. What makes Realme Watch S worthy? Let’s have a look:

  • The use of aluminum alloy song with corning gorilla glass makes it a masterpiece.
  • The most durable watch contains a 1.3″ inch screen, and it helps you show your phone notifications.
  • Helps in monitoring your blood oxygen level and heart rate. How awesome this feature is as it keeps you updated with your health!
  • To make itself more exciting to buy, it comes with an IP68 rating and 16+ sports mode. The IP68 rating helps in water resistance.
  • The rechargeable battery, Bluetooth, chronograph, alarm clock, touch screen are more exciting features contained in watches.
  • The full-featured watch has a great style, and it looks superb and gorgeous when it’s in your hand. But, do you think this watch has an amazing price? No, this comes at a very reasonable price to fit your needs.

3. Noise ColorFit Pro 3

Let’s see the awesome features of this modern watch.

  • Have a large 1.53″ and full HD display.
  • The display has vivid colors with 320*360 resolution. You need to switch it on, and this watch helps you track your activities.
  • Boosts the exciting feature of measuring heart rate and stress so you can get updates on your health. When you feel low, you can go for a checkup.
  • Made from silicon, and its straps are so comfortable, so you can wear it easily without fatigue.
  • The most wonderful experience you can have with this watch is that you can track your sleep quality because of its built-in blood oxygen monitor. Your phone notification shows on the watch.
  • Fourteen sports modes, a 10-day battery, a 24/7 heart rate monitor, and 5 ATM water resistance are the most beneficial features of it.
  • You’ll get customizable cloud-based watch faces with it that can be replaced according to your choice.

4. Fire-Boltt Beast Smartwatch

Looking for the watch that has the best tracking system? Choosing this one will never disappoint you. Check out the listed features to increase your knowledge about this before buying.

  • Offers a large 1.69″ touchscreen display, which is a very big comparison from other watches. Now you have a clear view on your screen.
  • The touch is so amazing to use. It’s made of metal and silicon.
  • Have 500 Nits peak brightness that will help you in the perfect display even on a sunny day.
  • Contains three different colors, so you have options to wear your favorite color.
  • Contains many more features like Weather updates, Drinkwater reminders, sedentary reminders, eight days battery life.
  • You can keep connected with your phone as you have options on the watch of smart notification.
  • You can wear it with ease. The design is made very professionally so that it gives you a very decent look.
  • Your life will become easier with the blood oxygen and a dynamic heart rate monitor to keep you updated with your health.
  • In-watch breathing exercise option is also a health-tracking feature to improve your breath. If you wanna track your cycling or walking activity with it, then you can.

5. Fire-Boltt SPO2 Smartwatch

Meet the most loving watch with its loving features:

  • The best health tracking device; you can measure your steps, calories, heart rate, and blood pressure.
  • Helps you to check yours regularly and keep you fit.
  • The elegant design makes it more precious. When you wear it, it looks totally loving.
  • The full-featured stylish watch has come at an affordable price so you can take it and maintain your fitness.
  • Gain features of the weather forecast, call notification, to keep you updated from every single notification from a phone, IPX7 to keep your watch safe from rain or from droplets of water, long battery life to not to worry about charging.
  • Has multiple modes like running, hiking, riding, climbing, and many more. Its resolution is 40×240 pixels to make a perfect glance when you see your watch.
  • The most durable Fire-Boltt SPO2 Smartwatch body, made with metal, comes in a 1.4″ touch HD display.

6.TAGG Verve Smartwatch

Looking for a smart watch with multiple superb features. Then, don’t dare to ignore this one.

  • Offers a great 1.4″ display containing narrow bezels. You can turn it on with your wrist movements.
  • Specially designed for those who are so conscious regarding their health and fitness.
  • The battery lasts up to 10 hours.
  • Available at an affordable price. 
  • Helps you in tracking your activities like yoga, cycling, running, and many more. Wherever you go, you have the best option to stay connected by the notifications on your watch.
  • You can maintain your health by regularly updating the watch as it has a heart rate monitor, calorie monitor, blood oxygen monitor, and sleep monitor.

So, this is all about the affordable smart watches in India with their surprising features. Observe your demand and desire and choose the one according to that. Best to gift your friends and family.

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