Best Video Games of 2021 that you must play

The game industry is booming like never before. The popularity of video games has grown rapidly in recent times. However, the outbreak of the COVID19 Corona Virus pandemic has further helped fuel the growth. With the lockdowns and the social distancing, the development has become even faster. When it comes to the most popular games in the past year, you will realize many are on the list. Let us look at the Best video Games of 2021 that you must play

1. Returnal

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When we were trying to find the best video games of 2021, in our opinion, Returnal has to top the list. It is due to a host of reasons for the same as well. We realized many aspects of it could be found in other titles. There’s a time loop similar to Death loop and roguelikes. It has some basic roguelike concepts brilliantly utilized by Loop Hero. What is even more impressive about this fascinating game is an unpredictable horror-driven narrative. And all of these have been perfectly represented here! It has been made possible with Inscription.

Housemarque’s roots in the arcade industry may be what makes them so brilliant. Not long ago, House marquee published a letter. It asked whether there is still room for games like they used to make before society changed directions and stopped appreciating those kinds of experiences with high stimulation levels on reflexes-driven gameplay. The key behind Returnal’s brilliance could rest at Housemq Arpaio studios.

What separates it?

  • The Time Loop which is similar to Deathloop which makes ir more exciting
  • The Unpredictable Horror Element
  • High Simulation Levels

All these make the Returnal top our list of the best video games list for 2021.

2. Psychonauts 2

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Psychonauts 2 takes the original game and expands on everything about it. It includes more levels, new environments. These include breath-taking views of Psych Island itself as well as otherworldly creatures. These are set up in staggering locations such as deep water or high up among icy mountain ranges. There are even boats for you to explore if your spirit feels led towards freedom afloat! The story also unfolds at a much quicker pace than its predecessor. This is because the narrative threads accumulate faster without ever feeling rushed.

On the other hand, it manages to tell every critical tale. But at the same time, weave them into one cohesive tapestry. It weaves together our protagonist Raz’s journey.

Psychonauts 2 is an excellent game that executes the memorable level design and narrative-based adventures. However, few creators have been capable enough to use these old-school ideas in their delivery process. And it is precisely this that makes Psychonaut2 one extraordinary exception!

All these combine to make it the second on the list of best video games.

What separates it?

  • The breath-taking views of Psych Island itself
  • The staggering locations such as deep water or high up among icy mountain ranges used in the game
  • How the Old School ideas have been used in the game beautifully

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3. Inscription

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While so many video games these days seem to be focused on telling you how bad they are for their respective genres. But Inscription is one of those titles that leaves me speechless. It is a game with such brilliance and depth that I’m not sure where the best place would begin in trying to sell it short without revealing too much about what makes this an incredible experience!

If Inscryptution were just a game about deck construction and puzzles, it would still be one of this year’s best. But when you add in the horror element seen as an unknown? It becomes so much more special because they don’t want any partook but to open up those doors no matter how hard their body tries not too, that makes all the difference!

It is none the same; it still occupies the 3rd position on our list of the best video games in 2021.

What separates it?

  • The Game is extreme brilliance & depth.
  • Provides an incredible experience to its players
  • The horror element in the game is unknown which makes it thoroughly exciting.

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4. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best video games that lets you be whoever, wherever, and whatever. Whether it’s a racing fan or car enthusiast, if there are cars in your soul, this should be on top of the list for games to play! The graphics are so realistic, with its beautiful scenery from coast to jungle peppered with changing weather patterns all over Mexico, which made me feel like I was driving across the country instead of just playing through levels at once (something not everyone likes). It’s also great because they have given us plenty of options regarding where we could roam around while exploring it.

It is a joy to play Forza Horizon 5 and explore its vast world. Whether you want to speed around the race track or take in some of this beautiful landscape, many things can be done on the way alone or offline with others! This game does not punish players for their progress. They are smashing them up against each other while driving down beaches until they explode spectacularly onto shorelines like so many toy soldiers left out after too long. If anything, it’s happy about how much time people put into improving both racing times. Besides, they can also start exploring every inch of these maps at leisure. Whether through collecting cars Radio stations from all over the map (Water Music – No 2).

It is indeed exciting, and we are sure you too will love it.

What separates it?

  • The Graphics of the game are unbelievably realistic
  • The beautiful Scenery of different landscape makes it a fascinating experience to the players.
  • Many options are provided for the players to roam to different sections.

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5. Halo Infinite

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It’s all thanks to 343 Industries that we get one last grin, and it doesn’t even matter if you are a Halo fan or not. The game has plenty of reasons for being pessimistic: the departure of two directors before co-creator Joseph Staten parachuted in as Director on Infinite just weeks ago; painful delays with Series X (Xbox One), which is scheduled now instead of at Christmastime like they had planned originally. Yes, and they do deliver indeed.

When Halo was at its height, no one could have predicted how it would be missed. The series has always been about following your bliss and destiny, but in the modern era of shooters where every year brings a new trend (growth spurt? Battle royale?), something had to give for 343 industries iconic property. Now that single-player campaigns are making their return after years upon years away from gaming screens everywhere, this time through reinvigorated by blending classic combat sandbox gameplay with an expansive map.

What separates it?

  • It has a sprawling legacy of more than 20 years since its inception
  • Continues to have a very broad and passionate fan base
  • Claims of it being the one of the best Single Player Platform

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These are the five best video games of 2021. We can look for a lot more excitement in the New Year. As you will note that each of them is unique in their own particular way. However, based on your personal preferences and choices you can choice. Here’s wishing you Happy Gaming!!!

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