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How to make your laptop/PC last longer? Tips to make your laptop live longer

Want to make your laptop more durable? Here are few things that will surely help you extend your laptop’s life

We all want to make our laptops to work well for the long time or the time we want to make use of it. But it is usually not handled as well as it should be. And of course it’s expensive to replace. The following tips will help ensure your laptop lasts as long as you have a use for it.

To elongate your desktop, laptop, or all-in-one computer’s life.  It is extremely important to keep it well maintained both internally and externally and handle it well. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

External Hygiene

First and foremost store the computer/laptop in a clean and dust free room.

Keep your laptop dry and dust free – Dirt, Dust or liquids, are your entire desktop/ laptop’s worst enemy. While dust may seem like a small threat, it can do some serious damage to your computer. To prevent this from happening, give your computer regular wipe-downs with a clean, slightly damp cloth. You can also use your canister of compressed air to blast dust out from between the keys. a canister of compressed air blasts tiny dust particulate out of your computer without placing excess stress or pressure on its delicate internal components

Spilled liquids damage the internal microelectronic components or cause electrical damage.  It may permanently destroy some parts of the laptop. Keep drinks away from the laptop, and don’t use water to clean it, either. Give your computer regular wipe-downs with a clean, slightly damp cloth or a laptop cleaner work will do the job.

Always use and store your laptop in a well-ventilated area. When you are using your laptop, do so in a place that has a constant air-circulation. Lots of people ruin their laptops by using them in enclosed areas and thus cause the laptop to overheat.

Internal Hygiene

Update your operating system – Keep your operating system up to date to make it perform smoothly. It is one of the easiest solutions. Regardless of whether you’re a Windows, Mac, or Linux loyalist, updating your PC when new patches are available ensures your PC stays at the cutting-edge of performance power.

Clean up junk files and softwares. Make sure that while downloading stuff from the web you do not download unwanted installers which are usually created to install unwanted softwares. It will eventually slow down your system.

Manage your space. If you have less than 15% free space, your laptop or desktop could slow down. Delete old programs and files you don’t need or compress some of your files (especially large ones). Note that if your computer is running slowly and storage isn’t full, your operating system may be having problems.

If you are already on a device with low ram then do not trouble the device with programs which accelerate the processor, it is better if you switch over to another hard drive or pendrive to provide a bit of external ram and provides a bit of breathing space to the computers/laptops internals.

Always get back to Cloud Storage: Several versions of modern software and apps utilize cloud storage. Cloud storage means your data is saved remotely and infinitely accessible by internet. Applications such as Google Drive that offer word processing, spreadsheets, etc (for free) log changes and backup data real time. This means in the event of a power outage that occurs with no warning, there will be a high probability that a complete or at least backup will be in existence, this provides a feasible solution for protecting information.

Clean up Recycle bin. It is also Important to clean up your recycle bin in couple of months interval

Also it’s significant that you use cleanup software like tune up utilities or c cleaner etc. for keeping your computer under constant surveillance from the unnecessary programs installed during various activities.

Antivirus software is the best guard against a virus. Even if you know what you download, it could still contain a virus. If you choose not to have antivirus software you run the risk of a circuit error or software problem in your system. The virus may also slow down the system operations and performance. To maintain good health of your laptop/desktop. Run regular antivirus scans.

Use and handling

Use it on plane surface. Always aim to use/place your laptop on solid surfaced. Solid surfaces such as tables and desks, not on top of your blanket or your lap. Soft objects are great at molding in such a way to fit the laptop’s shape, thus blocking ventilation vents quite well. Even though it’s called a laptop, it really should not be placed on you lap. If you need to place your laptop on your lap or bed, consider investing in a laptop stand. 
Do not use the computer in a wet environment, for example, near a bath tub, sink, or swimming pool or in a wet basement.

Do not stack on top of it. When storing a computer, do not place other items on top that could put pressure on the computer, such as books. This can push the LCD screen into the keyboard, and will eventually damage it. Also, the CD-ROM insert will be squished and, eventually, will break

Check around it before shutting the lid. Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid, such as pens, pencils, folders, papers, etc.

Store in a dust free area. Take care that if you use a laptop not to use it in places full of dust flying around as it may block the heat escape routes over a period of time and thereby make your laptop much hot faster than usual.

Avoid stressing your laptop. If you tend to get up in between the work. Each time you turn your computer on you stress it a little bit. To reduce wear and tear on your hardware, its best put to sleep or on hibernate mode. If you’re using it throughout the day or even just now and then — don’t keep turning it on and off. Once a day is good. If you won’t be using it for a while, definitely turn it off, close it and put it someplace cool.

Hold it with care. Do not pick up the laptop by the screen or corner of the palmrest, as this could put unnecessary pressure on the LCD or palmrest/touchpad.

Avoid exposing frequent temperature changes. When bringing your laptop indoors during winter, don’t turn it on immediately. Instead, let it warm to room temperature first. This will avoid any potential for damage to the disk drive from condensation forming inside the machine. Avoid heat from sunlight as well.

Ensure smooth handling of drives into the slots at right angle. Pushing the drive too forcefully into its slot could jam it.

Keep the CORD in good shape. While taking good care of your laptop don’t forget to treat your power cord carefully too.  We’re always rolling them up and shoving them in side pockets. But the joints and connectors can be easily damaged. So don’t yank at them, knock them around or bend them in ways they weren’t meant to bend. Also, use a surge protector whenever possible. It only takes one nasty power surge to understand why

Keep a high-quality surge protector whenever possible. Choose a portable version for when you need to power up away from your usual surge protector. A surge protector work by diverting excess electricity to the outlets ground wire. This prevents surges or spikes from entering electronic devices minimizing risk of damage.

Unplug to avoid overcharging: Unnecessary charging can lead to overcharging, which then leads to regenerative capability deterioration. This often looks like a laptop that can’t hold a charge as well as it could in its earlier days.  To avoid a bad battery fate, unplug your device after it reaches 100% charge, and don’t plug in until power is actually low.

Get a laptop bag. It is recommended to use a laptop sleeve, case, or a backpack (with cushion padding) when transporting your computer.

Expert check. It is also better if you head over to the service store and check for a complete maintenance check to solve any errors which keep troubling you

We hope this will help you some way or other to elongate your laptop/PC’s life.

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