How to setup a New Android Phone

Learn to setup your new Android phone in a quick and easy way

Many people are using Smartphone today to call someone, exchange text messages, download apps, browse information etc. After buying an Android phone, you should activate many features. It is a digital tool that should be handled tactfully. If you have not handled Android mobiles earlier, then you may not understand the operations quickly. So, you should follow some simple steps to activate your new Android phone. After activating your phone, you can perform several functions.  You can follow some simple steps and learn to setup your new Android phone.

Steps for activating new Android phone

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Charging Android

  • Insert a SIM card to activate Android mobile,
  • Open the rear cover of the Android at the backside,
  • Find a slot to insert a SIM card and attach it SIM card accurately to the slot
  • Close the rear cover and then press the power button to start your Android.
  • Then, you can see the screen of your device.
  • The Android phone should be connected to the Wi-Fi

Selecting language

Select a language from the given options to activate the other features.

Ensuring Wi-Fi connection

  • To ensure your Android is connected to Wi-Fi, view the icon on the right side of top of the screen.  
  • Select a network from the options and then enter your password.
  • Android phone is then connected to Wi-Fi.

Entering the Google account details

  • Enter Google credentials if you have already created a Google account to restore data from another device or install new apps.
  • Create an account if you have not created before.  
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and then press ‘Continue’.
  • Then, your Google account is activated.

Activating different features

Then you can activate different features on your Android usually at the top of the screen.

  • Go to Settings and you can find different features such as security features, blue booth, plane or flight mode etc. 
  • Choose Time and Date to insert accurate time and date on your Android.
  • Enable various security features to enable fingerprint unlocking or pass code. If your Android has a scanner system, then it is promptly set up.
  • Then, you should enter your pattern and PIN number to activate the fingerprint sensor.  
  • Choose Google Assistant, and then you can use voice commands also.
  • Following simple commands such as ‘Meeting Google Assistant’
  • Then activate feature like ‘ok Google’ to help your software recognize your sound.
  • The other features such as emails, contacts or calendars are automatically enabled.
  • Then, you can also activate blue tooth to access other devices just by using Settings, Connection and Bluetooth
  • Using the command of Settings and Connection, you can activate Google location to help determining location of any user.
  • Change your wallpaper by just tapping on your screen and you can find options.
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So, you should use simple steps to start your Android phone and activate some important features. On this device, you can find several features and you can activate these features just tapping on your screen. Or else you can go to Settings and enable or disable the features. You can store huge data on your Android and install several documents, files, and apps.

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