How to use Instagram for Dark mode with iOS and android

The Smart way to use your Instagram

Many people are using Smartphone’s such as Android or ios and are frequently using social messengers such as Instagram.  When the Smartphone is in dark mode, some features are not clearly visible especially when you go outdoors. But yet many people prefer darker mode to save battery’s life. Also, it is not exposed to blue light that is too brighter as it contains OLED display. People are frequently using social apps to upload pictures, download apps, send messages both pictures and texts etc. So, the battery of the Smartphone becomes weaker. You can effectively use the Instagram app in darker mode. You should follow some simple steps to convert into darker mode. You should modify the theme in the Settings.

Using Instagram with iOS and Android in a darker version

For Android

  • Update the operating system of your device.
  • Just use some simple keyword options to activate darker option.
  • Go to the Settings of your phone and then scroll down and select the Display feature.
  • Choose the Dark option to modify the theme of your phone.
  • After activating the Dark theme, then you can automatically use some apps that support the applications.  

If you open any application, then you can view the Dark mode. The features of Instagram are clearly visible in darker mode also.   

It is applicable to Android 10 users

Maintaining darker mode for ios

Even if you are using ios you should follow the same steps.

  • Update the version of ios 13.
  • Go to the Settings features, then select Display and Brightness
  •  Then choose the Dark mode.

Then, you can turn on your Instagram and it is automatically converted into Dark mode. You can also choose the automatic mode for brightness during daytime and dark mode during nights.

Turning on darker mode for Instagram

If you go to Settings and modify the theme, then all the applications of Android or ios are converted into darker mode.

If you want a darker mode for Instagram only and not other applications, then you should follow some simple steps.

  • Select the profile picture of your Instagram on the right side bottom.
  • Then go to your profile.
  • Tap on the top right the three horizontal lines.
  • Then choose Settings and then select the Theme
  • Accordingly choose a darker theme or brightness.

Then your Instagram is converted into darker mode. If you want darker mode only for your Instagram, then you need not update the operating system of the device.


The procedure for converting into darker mode is simple. You should choose some keyword commands and then choose the options. You can also easily convert your Android or ios into brighter mode again. You should simply go to the settings and select options for Android and ios. You should preferably choose darker mode for Instagram application as it consumes battery. You can save your battery’s life in darker mode.  Too much brightness is not advisable for your Smartphone as it can cause headache and eye pain.

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