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A futuristic tale by Neil Pagedar & Anand Gandhi, fictionally explaining future sacrifices and gains.

These days where episodes showing past real events such as 1962: The war in the Hills or Scam 1992. OK Computer came up explaining the possibility of future gadgets & technology, also its benefits and losses.


This web series have many serious jokes which ironically show the consequences for the action we are doing in today’s date on earth. Though, we achieve a lot of new things but there are sacrifices as well. Series fictionally explain that people lost taste for real food, depend on packed food and tablets, fruits like pineapple is extinct and some remaining are only left in museums.

The series start in the year 2031 in Goa, where a self-driving car kills a man. A.C.P. Saajan Kundu (Vijay Varma) is called to investigate from AI. The investigation was interrupted and later joined by Laxmi Suri (Radhika Apte). They’re talented performers, but OK Computer came up with suspense and full of surprises like human’s life.


The victim is unrecognized, having no proof of identity left on him, his face was crushed and will be known as Pav-Bhaji because of his unrevealed identity. Saajan and Laxmi both are senior level officers of different departments has to work on this case together as this case come under AI and PETER(People for the Ethical Treatment of Every Robot) both.

Still from OK Computer

A very funny and important role played by Kani Kusruti as Inspector Mona Lisa. She played as Malayalam inspector which must be not be difficult to bring that accent as she is originally a Malayali. Mona Lisa used to welcome Saajan and Laxmi on accident site with courtesy saying “accident main aap ka swagat hai”,  When Saajan reaches the crime scene he asked a question “What am I doing here?”, where Mona Lisa replied “Sir, that’s the existential question mankind have been dealing with for centuries.”

The whole story revolve around a highly advanced robot named “Ajeeb“(strange in Hindi). Ajeeb is the discovery of the century whose inventor name is Satoshi whose character was played by Rasika Duggal as a cameo in series. Saajan use to hate robots and wanted to throw all the robots in jail because of his some history with them. Ajeeb was the invention made by the government by spending a lot of taxpayer’s money, making a change in mankind becomes a stand-up comedian.

Jackie Shroff appeared as a nearly naked-man named Pushpak Shakur is leader of an  “anti-tech, anti-science, anti-vaccine, and anti-gravity ecoterrorist” group called JJM, Jigyasu Jagrati Manch. He came into highlight when he takes the full responsibility of the murder. But came it he was just bluffing to gain the attention.

The whole web-series go on in solving the murder or accident case of Pav bhaji. Saajan doubting on Ajeeb as he is too much biased for robotic technology. But will say story is full of surprises.

Cast of “OK Computer”



Overall series is worth watching. Every character in the series are not depicting anyone in reality. They all are fictional character. No offensive or hard language has been used. The jokes are simply questions for mankind. IMDB has rated it 5.3/10 and NDTV rated 3/5. Our experience in web-series and movies taught to watch it and then decide. Though we will rate this 7/10 on the basis of story, characters. It is very much needed experiment on science fiction as there are lack in our industry. Though it was risky experiment but in our point of view it came out well. Though many people will call it senseless but it is good to see such a revolution in bollywood.

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