OnePlus 9RT India Review (Price+specifications)

Everything you need to know about OnePlus 9RT India.

The OnePlus 9RT India is the modern version of the OnePlus 9R introduced last year. Like its older version, it seemed to be a considerable Asia-only device as it was initially launched in China and now in India.

The reason for its ongoing popularity is the advanced features over the 9R that were mostly identical to the 8T. The most considerable difference over its older version is the modern Snapdragon 888 processor and an updated triple camera system on the back. The display is larger, and the battery will be charged faster. It’s just a little introduction. There are so many exciting things to be considered about this version.

After the detailed research and observations, we summarized the precious information to create the most valuable OnePlus 9RT review. So, let’s see. It’s going to be really exciting.


You must consider the price before making your mind about this product. OnePlus 9RT price seems a little high compared to the competition. A recent update tells this model to be offered at ₹42,999.

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  • The appearance is extremely identical to the OnePlus 9, with some minute differences. You can even consider that OnePlus repurposed the same frame for its modern version to save on the same prices.
  • The front side is pretty typical, along with an edge-to-edge display and slim bezels.
  • The front camera is positioned inside a hole punch on the left side. Other manufacturers like Xiaomi and Samsung make the hole a lot smaller on their phones, but the one on the OnePlus versions is distracting and larger.
  • The sensors, earpieces, and proximity are inside the thin top bezel.
  • Fortunately, the display is flat, so you’ll not face interrupted glare or unnecessary touches. The corners are designed rounded with good-looking curvature on all sides.
  • The side frame has been designed with aluminum. The top side flattens out, but you’ll not have to balance the cell on it.
  • The buttons boast updated tactile click to them. The advanced slide is actually a joy to operate. The set is offered in two colors, Hacker Black and Nanosilver.
  • The frame of the OnePlus 9RT appears larger and taller than other famous models in the market.
  • The glass back is slippery, making it challenging to grip even if you have large hands.

Being bulky at 198.5g, it seems less pleasant to handle compared to something like the Nord 2, especially if you have small hands. However, it’s not a big deal. Gripping something considerable, especially an expensive cell, will make you feel valuable. If you have any issues, you can use a case for more grip and great peace of mind.


Apart from the appearance, you have to deal more with the features of any device. OnePlus 9RT claims to be a valuable set with many deficiencies received in the modern version. Let’s imagine how your life will be like with this device through the below features.

1.   Display:

The OnePlus 9RT boasts a 120Hz 2400×1800, 6.62-inch, Samsung E4 OLED panel. Like appearance, the display is also identical to the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9R but a bit larger for a more enhanced look. Let’s see this in detail.

  • You have the option to manage and change colors. The panel shows minor viewing angle problems typical of mainstream OLED panels. You’ll have a rainbow pattern to scroll according to your choice by tilting. However, it’s not offered on a white screen and will be ignored if you are in dark mode.
  • The panel quality is good. The resolution is also fine for the display size, and the content appears good even with slim typefaces.
  • The display boasts a dynamic 120Hz refresh rate. It’ll drop down in certain apps to 60Hz, like those with a Map element on the screen. You’ll have a smooth touch rate of 300Hz in normal operation and 600 Hz in gaming mode.

2.   Battery life and charging:

The OnePlus 9RT is so appreciable due to its best charging performance.

  • It’s so surprising that your mobile will charge 100% in about 30 minutes through the bundled 65W Warp Charger.
  • Even with third-party chargers, the phone also boasts 33W PPS charging for rapid charging.


Remember that the phone is set to charge slowly by identifying your charging patterns. However, you can change these settings to get the maximum speed, but it will age the battery more rapidly, and that’s why it is not recommended.

3. Speaker:

The OnePlus 9RT offers a standard stereo speaker layout, one at the earpiece and the other at the bottom.

  • The sound quality is suitable for considerable vocal content such as podcasts or YouTube videos but less effective for music.
  • The problem in sound lies with its lopsided nature. The earpiece speaker is quieter than the speaker at the bottom.
  • The mobile also supports Dolby Atmos audio processing. It’s forced every time speakers are used.
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 4.   Hardware and performance:

  • The OnePlus 9RT runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset.
  • The performance is appreciable even if the phone is not using its power to the fullest.
  • You can unlock the hardware’s full potential through the performance mode setting, which will lock all cores to a high clock speed. It doesn’t seem to cause a considerable performance improvement but will burn through the battery.
  • Gaming performance is also great to have a lot of fun in your comfort zone.

5. Camera:

  • The OnePlus 9RT offers a triple camera system on the rare side. It consists of a 16MP f2.2 ultra-wide camera, 50MP f1.8 main wide camera, and 2MP macro camera.
  • The 16MP f2.4 camera is on the front side. You can record 4K 60fps video from the wide and ultra-wide back camera and 1080p 30fps video from the camera at the front.
  • The camera app has various options. The Expert or pro or mode is so comprehensive.
  • You’ll get all the manual controls and the option to shoot in RAW on both wide and ultra-wide lenses. There’s also a RAW+ option on top of that. 

OnePlus 9RT reputation in the market:

People suggest it to be an efficient device in its performance. The most exciting factor is its capability to resolve your be wifi disconnecting issue. It’s highly responsive to help you during work or entertainment. Like many other teens, if your preference is the high camera quality, we’ll highly recommend this set. Even we consider the biggest upgrade is the camera.

So, this is all about the OnePlus 9RT price, appearance, and features in detail. Overall it’s a worth-buying model. We hope, so our research will help you make a good choice.

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