The best Bluetooth mouse in 2022- A detailed review

Whenever you decide to buy the best Bluetooth mouse in 2022, you should consider a few factors. First, of course, the main objective behind buying a wireless mouse is that you don’t want to be surrounded by long cables and wires. As a result, convenience is the key thing here. Besides, buying a reputed brand will ensure that your wireless mouse will have a long service life.

Bluetooth mouse What factors to consider while picking a Bluetooth mouse?

To ensure that you get the most usage from your Bluetooth mouse , it must meet your specific needs. To assist you in finding the perfect Bluetooth mouse, here are a few pointers.

Bluetooth mouse Is the mouse compatible with the latest Bluetooth version?

As strange as it may sound, not all Bluetooth connections are alike. Bluetooth technology and input transfer speeds are improving as technology advances. If you buy a Bluetooth mouse and use it with an old computer, the mouse’s performance will be reduced since the older Bluetooth version of the computer doesn’t support it.

Bluetooth mouse What Are Your Plans to Use it?

To get the best one for your profession, you need to think about what you intend to use it for. It’s a good option for video editors, photographers, and sound professionals, but the thumb ball shape isn’t the best option if you travel frequently.

Bluetooth mouse Is the Mouse Compatible with Your Computer?

Ensure the mouse is compatible with your operating system before purchasing a third-party brand. For example, while pairing a mouse, it is possible that a Windows mouse will not function properly on an older or newer version of Windows.

Bluetooth mouse What is the battery’s capacity?

At the very least, a good wireless mouse should be able to run for at least a few months on a single charge. In addition, more battery life is desirable because batteries of even the best Bluetooth mouse in 2022  degrade with use.

Bluetooth mouse How useful is the software?

Choosing a best one  also necessitates considering the mouse’s power supply. Even how a mouse’s battery is charged can differ significantly, especially with high-end gaming equipment. Lithium-ion batteries are widely found in wireless mice, recharging using a micro-USB or USB Type-C cable. In addition to being easier to plug in, USB-C can provide greater power while connecting a Bluetooth mouse.

Here is the list of top Bluetooth mouse:

Logitech M535-A trusted brand:

This is undoubtedly one of the best mouse because of its compatibleness and comfort in the hands while using. Besides, they are pretty small, which ensures they are easy to carry. Moreover, they have a substantial battery life too, So whenever you decide to buy a Bluetooth mouse, this is a great option.


Ergonomic design

Substantial battery life

Bluetooth connectivity


No need for the USB driver for connection


In-built battery not present

The mouse takes time to activate            

Power-packed performance with the ARC mouse from Microsoft:

Bluetooth mouse

As far as pairing a Bluetooth mouse is concerned, the ARC mouse is second to none. This is also a highly compatible mouse with Bluetooth, so it is on this list. Bluetooth 4.0 gives a great response time with nearly no lag, even more surprising given that no USB connection is required. Moreover, they have a long battery life too.


Long battery life (6 months)

No USB connector needed

Bluetooth connectivity



Touch gesture absent

It comes with a single button only

Get to play with the Kensington Trackball mouse:

Bluetooth mouse

This is also one of the best Bluetooth mouse in 2022 because of their pretty useful features. The goal of this mouse’s development was to help those in the creative industries operate more efficiently and accurately. Moreover, while connecting a mouse to any PC with Windows OS, they are a fabulous option.


Complimentary KensingtonWorks software

Three-year warranty 

Lifetime technical support included with trackball


It can be hard to use the Trackball design

Corsair Harpoon-a standard choice:

Bluetooth mouse

Another gaming mouse option is the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse, which has the advantage of working with both your Xbox One and your Windows PC. Wireless, Bluetooth, or an included USB cord can all be used to stay connected while using this RGB mouse. So while you buy a Bluetooth mouse, consider these factors too.


You get six programmable buttons when connecting a Bluetooth mouse

RGB lighting

Durable switches


Not a great battery life

Not suitable for bigger hands  

It works like magic with Apple Magic Mouse 2:

 Bluetooth mouse

While pairing a Bluetooth mouse, you’ll find that it works like magic, as the name suggests. For Mac users, the gesture control makes this mouse stand out from the crowd. With this mouse, you can utilize the same motions you use on your trackpad. Using a trackpad instead of a mouse for precise gestures and actions can only increase productivity. As a result of their extensive features, they are one of the best in the market


Rechargeable and compact 

Compatible to Apple iPad while

Bluetooth connectivity

Once you charge for 2 hours, it will last for weeks


It only works with Apple products


This selection of the best Bluetooth mouse in 2022  includes models that meet a wide range of requirements. When you decide about pairing a Bluetooth mouse, these are mouse to consider because they’ll not only suit all your device’s needs but a pretty affordable too.

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